Why do we watch horror movies? Because they are scary! Because it increases the adrenaline in our body, we love the rush, the increased heart rate, the feeling of not knowing what could happen next, to our beloved characters. Knowing that a ghost or a demon’s next meal could be that person you like, in the movie, puts you on the edge of your seat. Feeling perfectly safe with the person you are watching it with can also be a comfortable experience. Horror movies especially prove to be the best entertainment for the millennials and people under the age of 60.

Have you ever seen a movie so good that you wanted to watch it again? But you couldn’t because it was out of theatres and even a CD was not available yet. Well, that’s where Netflix comes in. This video streaming platform has blown up with immense success over the last decade and continues to grow to this day. With enough budget to make their own movies and TV shows which are actually spectacular, almost everyone you meet has subscribed to Netflix, if they haven’t they would be using a friend’s or family member’s account.

Netflix indeed has a great collection of horror movies which you should totally check out. Grab some loved ones, some popcorn, and a comforter. You’re in for a treat. Here is a list that will send chills down your spine.


The Shining:

A man accepts the position in an offseason, remote hotel caretaker, the horrors that he faces with his family truly must be experienced on a big screen.

The Purge:

A movie centered in the future, the United States of America has new founding fathers, their government has had an overhaul, and they have indeed made all crime including brutal, cold-blooded murder, legal, for 12 hours. Once a year. Why? To decrease the never ending, growing population. Some people use this as an opportunity to steal and loot shops. The movie shows how brutal and mentally inflicted some people can be and hits you with twists and jumps scares the whole way.

It Follows:

Is an incredible movie which revolves around a demon that will indeed kill you if you have had sex with the person that the demon has latched onto. To get rid of it you need to have sex with someone else, and it will latch onto them, if it gets to that person and kills them, you are next on it’s hit list.


Two kids are recovering from a traumatic incident in their past including their parents. The older sister obsesses over the satanic mirror that houses an unfriendly and violent ghost who has a thirst for blood, one that can control your mind. One of the better horror movies of our generation though, in my expert opinion.


Is an American horror film that is based on the famous Stephen King’s novel of the same name. The film revolves around a simple farmer in 1922 who conspires to murder his wife with the assistance of their teenage son for financial fruition, but their actions have dire consequences.

Annabelle Creation:

This is another movie in the Conjuring universe which serves as a prequel to the original Annabelle. It gives us an insight and a scary back story of the doll.

The Silence:

is a movie based in a post-apocalyptic earth where you can get attacked by creatures that are attracted by sound. Do watch if you have a thirst for action and aliens hunting people everywhere.

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