Looking for shows to binge-watch over the weekend? And running out of ideas? Well, we’ve got a list of shows which you have to catch up on the upcoming weekend! Read on:

Game of Thrones

You may be a huge fan of GoT – this isn’t for you! But there is a humungous population out there who haven’t really watched this fantastic series – and to all those people, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on!


If you’re tired of all the hard-core, intense series out there, give yourself a break and watch this hilarious series ( to which, I swear you’ll be addicted!). A sitcom that has been ruling hearts for over two decades now, you have to watch this right away!

13 reasons why

Hannah and Clay – you must have heard a lot about this pair and their chemistry- how about exploring the story behind this series which is a roller-coaster of emotions and will keep you hooked to the end?

Brooklyn 99

Looking for some kickass action and badass sarcasm? Brooklyn 99 is the answer to your prayers! Watch this intense drama based against the set up of the NYPD – and has ample dose of humor – both dark and light to it!

The X-Files

A series which has all the aspects and elements in it to make it the best – that’s X-files for you! So what are you waiting for – book off your weekend to watch this fantastic series!


Whether you belong to the legal field or not – you must and should watch this mind-blowing drama that will keep you wanting for more. This series has been a super hit amongst masses for its sarcasm peppered intense courtroom and law firm drama – watch it!


How I met your mother

A fun take on a father narrating to his kids how he met their mother, this one sitcom has been ruling hearts since a while now. And you’re watching it this weekend!

Breaking Bad

A dark series that has everything dark in it – right from the storyline to the humor in it Breaking Bad can be given an award for how beautifully a dark turn of events can be scripted.

Grey’s Anatomy

An American medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy stole the hearts of people all over the world with its palpable storyline. So whether you belong to the clan of medicine or not, you’re going to love this one.

The Walking Dead

An extremely unpredictable drama series, this one’s not your usual clichéd dramas – it’s different, and that’s why it’s here!

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